Tame and Train Update coming January 2023

Tame and Train Update coming January 2023

The new Tame and Train Update brings animal taming, dogs, a new survivor, and more on January 24, 2023.

Early access players can now take their survival strategies even further with the ability to tame, train, and breed alien wildlife, as well as the introduction of three new dog species. By researching Animal Taming, survivors can unlock the ability to try and tame animals, but beware; some species may prove hostile if not pacified correctly. Survivors will then be able to name, heal, train, play, lead, and slaughter their animals, with players able to use the new ‘Ranch’ activity to control taming and training priorities.

Taming wildlife will prove fruitful for any base, with plenty of resulting resources, and some creatures even able be trained in combat against threats. Keeping tamed animals happy and comfortable is crucial for success - ensuring they’re fed daily is vital. Survivors can also receive boosts to relaxation and happiness as they play and bond with tamed animals.

Alongside animal taming mechanics, players can now select Hugo Delano, a new survivor, for their group as part of the update. Hugo’s colourful past as a zookeeper makes him a worthwhile addition, with his ability to train almost any creature and his adept farming skills sure to prove useful for survival.

The Tame and Train Update also introduces five new Steam achievements with which survivors can put their animal husbandry skills to the test, as well as new resources, recipes, and animal statues.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is required to experience the Tame and Train Update in early access. Play now on PC via Steam.