Robots and Guardians Out Now!

Robots and Guardians Out Now!

Good news, survivors, 

We are incredibly excited to announce that Robots and Guardians is out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox for Stranded: Alien Dawn! It is time to join a rebel faction on the run from a manufacturing consortium after their rescue of Hope 9000, the galaxy's first sentient android. Collect resources, build out your base, and take control of automatic defences to protect yourself from robotic enemies as you protect Hope 9000's growing humanity and sentience.

Launching alongside Robots and Guardians is a free update with new gameplay features, recipes and items, which will be available for you to use in all of Stranded: Alien Dawn's scenarios. The biggest addition are resource Delivery Drones designed specifically to ferry items around your base, as well as the ability to build multistorey buildings.

Check out the the trailer below and then read on, survivors!

A new scenario: Guardians

Experience a brand-new scenario where you guide and manage a group of rebels under threat from a ruthless manufacturing consortium. The rebels are protecting the galaxy's first sentient android, Hope 9000, and her growing humanity, from the people who created her. Cut off and isolated, without immediate potential for reinforcements, you'll have to help the rebels build and manage their needs and defences in order to survive.

Being a sentient android, Hope shares similarities with both humans and robots, while being distinctly different from both. At first she's a blank slate, and can only carry out manual labour and research tasks. As her sentience and skills continue to grow, she'll develop new traits and abilities. There's a lot of flexibility for you to shape and develop Hope as you want, whether it be as an intellectual farmer, or a quick and powerful soldier.

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Robots and Guardians base attack

As the manufacturing consortium sends squads of attacking robots, drones and crawler turrets, the rebels will need to build robotic and automated defences of their own. These will be valuable assets in battle and should not be ignored.

New Items and Recipes

Included in the DLC are new recipes and items that will be useful for your survivors. They'll be able to equip a new laser sword item, which can be crafted at a bench or looted from attacking robots. There's also a new automated surgical bed that can be used to heal wounds and illnesses, as well as other items like Service Robots, Battle Drones, Defense Bots, and EMP grenades, which you can read more about in the patch notes below.

New Survivor

Say hello to Henry Caldwell! This brand new survivor is a battle-hardened war veteran whose missing limbs were replaced by robotic prosthetics. He's been travelling the cosmos on a quest to reclaim and rediscover his humanity, an inspiring testament to his resilience and unbreakable spirit. When deployed in combat he'll fight twice as fast with melee weapons (on account of his robotics), and his overall tolerance to cold and heat will be greater than other survivors.

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Robots and Guardians cooking robot

Free Update

In addition to the DLC, we're also rolling out a free update! The biggest new feature in the free update are the resource Delivery Drones. These will automatically zip around your base to collect and deliver resources wherever they need to go, from storage to newly established buildings sites. Their range is quite large, so even a single one can help keep your survivors' home and the surrounding area neat and tidy, as long as they have enough electricity to keep running. Everything in the free update will be available to research and craft in all of Stranded: Alien Dawn's scenarios.

Another free addition we are incredibly excited about is the ability to build multistorey buildings. A new flat ceiling option will be available to let you create up to five interior levels and one rooftop level on your buildings, and new roof shapes gives you more aesthetic control over what your buildings will look like. Your survivors will be able to move between storeys with regular staircases, or you can add ladders or elevators for even more options! If you decide to use the flat ceilings as the top of your house you can place turrets, solar panels, and other useful items on it. There's even a dedicated "Solar Roof" which will provide your building with power.

Stranded: Alien Dawn - cargo copter

New recipes and items also include the Advanced Furniture Set, a set of Carbon furniture that provides an increased happiness boost compared to other furniture, a new Carbon Crossbow, a new FLAC Cannon Turret, Improved VR Games, and Improved Carbon Armor.

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