Free Update 7 Overview

Free Update 7 Overview

Hey survivors!

A brand-new free update is coming to Stranded: Alien Dawn on 7 November! The game is growing even larger with new mechanics, features, bug fixes, and quality of life additions to expand how you approach and solve the game's various challenges. Alongside the free update we're also launching the Robots and Guardians DLC, which will add a new scenario, new characters, and exciting new additions.

In this overview we wanted to give you a rundown of what you can expect from the free update. These additions will be useable across all of Stranded: Alien Dawn's scenarios and maps.

Read on, survivors:

Delivery Drone

Are your survivors harvesting and creating resources faster than they can carry them? Why not let automation take care of it for them while letting the survivors focus on other matters! The new Delivery Drones, which is available across all scenarios, will allow your survivors to do just that.

The Delivery Drone is specifically designed to rapidly transport resources to and from storage devices. Once the research has been finished, your survivors can build a Delivery Drone Station that will serve as the home of a single drone. If there are resources nearby that a survivor isn't planning to transport themselves, the drone will quickly zip out, pick up whatever needs to be collected, and fly it back to wherever it's needed! They'll even shuttle resources to awaiting blueprints that need materials.

Stranded: Alien Dawn - cargo copter

When there's nothing that needs to be transported the drone will wait back at its Delivery Drone Station. Their range is quite long, so they'll even grab things that aren't immediately accessible just outside your base. If you want to keep them restricted to a specific area, just set up an Area Flag and assign the drone to it.

Keep in mind that these drones will require electricity in order to function, but so remember to keep your power grid running smoothly!

Multistorey Buildings

As you've been diving further into Stranded: Alien Dawn your bases have become bigger and bigger, and many have become vast compounds spanning multiple buildings. Now they'll be able to grow even bigger!

Introducing: multistorey buildings, coming in the free update on 7 November! A new ceiling option will allow you to add up to six floors to your buildings. Connect the floors using stairs, or the all new Elevators and Ladders, to enable smooth access and movement between the floors. There will even be balconies for additional decorations and embellishments. Speaking of roofs: we're adding in more roof shapes, giving you even more creative options while building.

Stranded: Alien Dawn - multi storey building

Advanced Furniture

Once your multistorey houses have been built, why not furnish them with a brand-new Advanced Furniture set! These improved beds, tables and chairs are all made from highly durable Carbon, and will offer your survivors a greater degree of comfort and happiness than other furniture types. See below for a full list of new furniture:

  • Carbon cotton bed
  • Carbon synthetic bed
  • Carbon chair
  • Carbon table
  • Large carbon table
  • Carbon armchair

Flak Cannons

Remember those flat roofs we talked about earlier? They will look great with new Flak Cannons placed on top of them! These new turrets will offer improved defences against flying enemies that come at your base. Pair them with other turrets for the ultimate base defence, leaving your survivors safe and sound.

Quality-of-life changes

Last, but not least, we're adding in several quality of life changes that will improve your game experience! A new Game Rule will give your survivors a 50% movement speed bonus, letting them move a lot faster than normal. In addition to this you'll be able to expand the number of electricity control circuits beyond 9, as well as increasing the priority range for tasks and activities beyond 5.

One the console side of things we're adding in a performance mode for both PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

That's it for the free update overview! We can't wait for you to jump in and check out everything we're adding and changing on 7 November! Keep an eye out for the full patch notes on the release date.

If you're keen to see the new additions don't forget to tune in to a gameplay livestream next week! On 6 November at 15:30pm GMT, the community team will be joined by developers from Haemimont Games for a run-through of the new scenario, and the rest of the new update on Twitch and YouTube. Don't forget to also join the Stranded: Alien Dawn Discord and you'll never miss any news! You can also follow the game on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or join the discussions on Steam and the Frontier Forums.