Stranded: Alien Dawn - The Environment

Stranded: Alien Dawn - The Environment

Hello Survivors!

Welcome to your new home, a vast and expansive alien world with undiscovered and potentially dangerous flora and fauna. This unknown space is sure to become more familiar over time as you explore and discover what the environment around you has to offer, as long as you've built up the resources to keep your group of survivors alive, of course. As your base and the needs of the survivors grow, you will need to research and discover new technological advancements in order to visit more distant points of interests, where all manner of things might be discovered.

This unforgiving world will challenge you in an immersive and rich experience, where no two play-throughs will be the same. Let's dive in!

Stranded: Alien Dawn


A key part of Stranded: Alien Dawn is discovering the world around you. Sobrius is a beautiful, temperate biome within this immersive 3D environment, with plenty to discover. Having just crash landed on a completely new world, it's important to get your bearings. While one part of your team sets out to dismantle the escape pod, the second should do what they can to learn more about the immediate surrounding area by observing local alien wildlife, flora and resources.

Nearby trees and plants can provide you with wood, sticks, and potentially food, and conducting in-field research on these flora can help your survivors figure out ways to create farms near your camp. Explore a little further and you may even find parts from other ships that have crash landed across the planet, a sad reminder of your situation but potentially useful to salvage!

If you find yourself without what you need nearby, explore further, who knows what your survivors will discover on their travels and expeditions! While the risk of danger increases as you venture further afield, the rewards may be even greater. It's up to you to decide whether the risk of danger will be worth the trip.

If you decide to start a new game, there are chances you may end up in familiar but different crash sites. So each new game will be a whole new challenge to face!

Stranded: Alien Dawn

Passive and aggressive alien wildlife

As you explore it's highly likely that you will stumble upon the various creatures that call this world their home. The planet's wildlife comes in all manner of shapes and sizes, and some appear to take form of creatures you may find familiar. Passive creatures that are easier to hunt can be an excellent source of meat and hide, which can then be made into cooked food or new clothing, respectively.

The more aggressive wildlife is an ever-present danger to your survivors. They may block the path to valuable resources, or even attack the survivor’s and/or the base. It's important to gear your crew up so you're ready to face these threats should they appear, or try to lure them back to your base and defeat them with powerful defensive weapons.

Stranded: Alien Dawn

Environment and seasons

The Sobrius biome is a temperate mountainous area with large meadows, rocky outcrops and lakes. The areas you choose to explore and the decisions you make can have as many setbacks as positive outcomes. The weather might unexpectedly change, making work more difficult, while illnesses and injuries can further debilitate your survivors, by forcing them to rest until they've recovered.

As you keep your survivors alive, build, observe and discover new things, time will pass and the seasons will change. What was once a lush and warm area will eventually turn cold as autumn, and eventually winter, will set in. It's important to plan ahead for when the seasons change, because harsher seasons will bring harsher weather. You don't want to be without a working and persistent heat source (or a proper shelter) when winter rolls around! And suitable clothing for the survivors can mean the difference between life and death.

You'll have to discover how to mitigate the different ways the environment will affect your survivors as you continue to learn and master the game. Stranded: Alien Dawn's mechanics are all designed with the immersive and rich open-world in mind, and most things you discover or encounter while exploring can be broken down into valuable resources for your continued survival.

We hope you've enjoyed this look into the world of Stranded: Alien Dawn. With a fully realised 3D world, there's always something new to discover just beyond the horizon, and each playthrough will be a unique and unforgettable experience. What do you think of what you've read about the game so far? Head on over to the Stranded: Alien Dawn Forums and leave your thoughts in the comments, or join the conversation on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram. You can also join the Stranded: Alien Dawn Discord, which is the place to hang out with the rest of the community. Don't forget to also subscribe to the Stranded: Alien Dawn YouTube Channel for future trailers and gameplay videos.