Sow and Sell Update Out Now!

Sow and Sell Update Out Now!

Hello again Survivors!

We are incredibly excited to let you know that the Sow and Sell update is now available for Stranded: Alien Dawn! A new and exciting scenario await you in another Early Access update. To get access to all the new content and quality of life additions, make sure your game is fully updated. Then you'll be able to explore everything the update has to offer!

The Sow and Sell update adds an entirely new campaign scenario to Stranded: Alien Dawn, with a new narrative setting, new challenges to consider, and a new end goal. This update also introduces a brand new survivor, new plants and recipes, and several quality of life updates and bug fixes.

In the brand new Trading scenario, your survivors have come to an alien planet willingly, with the ultimate goal of building a trading outpost and purchasing the planet. Armed with various resources and gear, as well as some knowledge of farming and a selection of crops these intrepid settlers are ready to carve out a piece of the galaxy for themselves.

We're looking forward to seeing you enjoy this new scenario and how you adapt your playstyle to overcome the new challenges. As always, we want to give a huge shoutout to everyone who's been sharing their feedback and suggestions on our forums, on social media, or on our Discord server. We really couldn't do this without you!

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Update 4

Trading Pod

The new Trading Pod is a unique and central part of the Trading scenario that allows your survivors to contact and communicate with passing trading vessels. Your Trading Pod will also function as a transportation device whenever trades are being carried out. Different factions will offer different goods to sell, and will buy at different prices, so it's not a bad idea to put out the call for new trading opportunities as often as possible. You may even be able to purchase new technologies, including breakthroughs, to help cut down on time spent researching!

Your Trading Pod can also be used to post job offers to Automated Ansible Relay #499. Willing workers can then be hired for a certain period of time, after which they'll be transported to the outpost. Some workers might also offer to join you for free, if you meet certain criteria. Workers who join your settlement will need to have their contracts renegotiated at the end of their term, but if they fall in love and get married to a settler, they'll be considered a settler too. Worth keeping in mind, survivors!

New Survivor

Carrying out trades and renegotiating worker contracts will be made much easier with the addition of the brand new survivor, Vicente Santiago. This expert farmer and trader is a shrewd negotiator from growing up on his family ranch. After being cheated by disloyal partners and broken by greedy banks, he decided to travel to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to pull himself up by his bootstraps and establish a new ranch. His Haggler trait will let you earn more money when trading, but his Kitchen Hazard trait makes him incapable of cooking.

The Sow and Sell update also brings with it some new research options, buildable devices, recipes, and crops. Some are unique to the new Trading scenario, while others can be used in both Trading and Crash Landing. Check the patch notes below for the full rundown of what's been added and what can be used where. There are also quality of life updates, and bug fixes coming in this update.

Stranded: Alien Dawn Coming to Consoles

In case you missed the news: Stranded: Alien Dawn is leaving Early Access on 25 April, 2023, and is also coming to the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you pre-order now you will get some exclusive early adopter bonus content in the form of wooden plank building materials, and a new crash landing pod model. If you've already bought the game in Early Access on Steam you'll get these bonuses automatically on launch day.

As always, we want to thank everyone in the Stranded: Alien Dawn community for all your support, feedback, suggestions, and bug reports.. Don't forget to join the Stranded: Alien Dawn Discord and you'll never miss any news! You can also follow the game on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or join the discussions on Steam and the Frontier Forums.