Mod Tools and Steam Workshop Update Coming 28 February

Mod Tools and Steam Workshop Update Coming 28 February

We are incredibly excited to announce that Mod Tools and Steam Workshop support is coming to Stranded: Alien Dawn! In just a few days on Tuesday 28 February, we'll be rolling out a mod editor that will let you create modifications to the game, changing the features and mechanics of the game. We're also adding full Steam Workshop support, letting you upload and download mods via Steam.

Mod support has been a hugely suggested feature by the community and we have been working closely with Haemimont Games to make it happen. Now let's take a quick look at what this release includes:

Steam Workshop

Visit the Steam Workshop to see available Mods and Subscribe to any that you want to try. After subscribing to Mods shared on Steam Workshop the Mod Manager GUI, accessed from the game's title screen, provides an overview of which mods you have installed and allows you to enable or disable these as you wish.

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Update 3

Mod Tools

This update will install a subdirectory named ModTools, that contains documentation and several tools including the Mod Editor itself. The Mod Editor is a powerful companion application that can be used to create/edit/develop/test mods, and when they are ready to share, the Mod Editor can also be used to upload mods to the Steam Workshop.

It is possible to create both relatively simple and very advanced mods, so our friends at Haemimont have created documentation and several sample mods that demonstrate how mods can be structured and how the editor works. We hope you'll enjoy the learning process and keep going as it can give you a great insight into game development, and we're looking forward to seeing what will be created and shared!

One thing to be mindful of when downloading mods is that they are player created software packages, and there can be potential compatibility issues brought on by installing them

Sample Mod and Official Mods

The team at Haemimont Games have created several sample mods to help you get started. These can be tweaked in various ways to create a new mod and change up your game in various ways. Change your survivors around or make new ones, create additional building materials, add new animals, or create new game rules. The possibilities are many and we're looking forward to seeing what you create!

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Update 3

If you could make any kind of mod for Stranded: Alien Dawn, what would it be? A new survivor, or maybe some kind of new device? A new resource? Let us know in the forums!

Stranded: Alien Dawn is required to experience the Mod Tools and Steam Workshop update in early access. Play now on PC via Steam.