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Stranded: Alien Dawn - Update v1.22.240321

Hello Survivors!

A new patch for Stranded: Alien Dawn has just landed, including a few bug fixes and minor improvements. Thank you again for all your feedback and suggestions.

Keep on reading for the full changelog:


  • Fixed a case in which survivors would sometimes become stuck in an infinite loop when attempting to scavenge an object.
  • Fixed a rare case in which survivors could sometimes become stuck in loops between eating and awaiting treatment.
  • Fixes for various cases in which the survivors could become stuck in midair after climbing stairs.


  • Fixed cases where construction direct orders in different working areas could incorrectly state that resources are not available.
  • Introduced optimisations related to placing floors.
  • Camp flags can no longer be placed under ceilings.
  • Fixed several issues to improve placement of objects on ceilings.

Robots and Guardians Scenario

  • Fixed previous version save games in which Hope incorrectly experienced meltdown despite having the "Cognitive stabilisers" trait enabled.

GUI/Text & Controls

  • Fixed a case where the game would not return to the main menu after pressing Escape.
  • Fixed case in which opening the Expeditions screen auto enables the visualisation of turret ranges.
  • Fixed cases in which incorrect status texts appear over animals.


  • Fixed an issue in the PC versions of the game that caused the audio to drop out.
  • Further optimisation has been completed to improve stability.

PC/Steam Mod Tools

  • Mod packages can now exceed 4GB.
  • Fixed some cases in which using mods with entities would sometimes cause crashes or softlocks.
  • Fixed the "Show Log" mod editor action not working.
  • Fixes related to mod entity fade distances.
  • Fixes related to data postprocessing when loading/unloading mods.
  • Reduced printed messages volume when mod editor is in use.
  • New modding tools include a Lua Debug Adapter, enabling mod makers to debug mods using Visual Studio Code while the game is running.
  • A debug executable is provided with this release that enables asserts and expanded testing functionalities when it is used.
  • The games Lua source code is now installed for reference.
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