Update notes

  • 1.20.231026 (Nov/07/2023)
  • 1.10.230712 (Jul/25/2023)
  • 1.10.230627 (Jun/29/2023)
  • 1.00.230505 (May/19/2023)
  • 1.00.230421 (Apr/25/2023)
  • 0.80.230331 (Apr/05/2023)

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Update v1.00.230421

Time to get ready for landing – Stranded: Alien Dawn is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and has officially left Steam Early Access! Also out today is a new free update with additional content, a new survivor, and much more. The alien planet awaits your survivors and will surely put their survival skills, as well as your management skills, to the test.

Read on for the full update notes:

Key new content

  • New Military Outpost scenario – Select up to six team members, who will be dropped in an unexplored location far from the civilised galaxy. Their mission? To establish a foothold in their unforgiving new surroundings, in order to construct an Ansible Relay and enable interstellar communications
  • Meet a new survivor - Ember Griffin, a spec-ops commander, with combat oriented traits and skills, that can help to overcome even the strongest of hostile attacking animals
  • 10 new achievements to unlock
  • Localized in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

Military outpost scenario

  • Choose up to 6 survivors to create a squad that you will manage in the mission ahead
  • Start with armor, weapons, advanced technologies and extra resources to establish your foothold, depending on the chosen difficulty settings
  • Defend your base against immediate and increasingly intense attacks, including two powerful new enemies; the Demolisher Juno and the Purple Scissorhands
  • Discover new technologies and resources to help defend your base:
    • Research fabricator matrixes, to enable crafting the fabricator matrix at a soldering bench, ensuring a good supply of this key component that is required for Food and Material fabricators
    • Build food fabricators that transform energy into meals, and improve their output by researching tasty meal’s fabrication and chef’s meal fabrication
    • Research and build material fabricators that transform energy into key resources such as wood or Metal alloys, and increase its capabilities by researching liquid fuel fabrication and silicon fabrication
    • Research Mech cores to enable crafting Mech cores at a soldering bench, ensuring a good supply of this key component that is required to build both the Light Mechs and Combat Mechs
  • Build the Ansible Relay and protect it at all costs from the escalated hostile alien attacks
  • Utilise Mechs to fend off the enemy onslaught, keeping the Ansible relay fully powered and protected until interstellar communication is established and victory is won

New content to all scenarios

  • New resources
    • Mech cores can be discovered and used to build mechs
  • New research and devices.
    • Research Light Mechs and/or Combat Mechs to unlock building these powerful survivor operated machines that provide powerful mobile artillery support, with the ability to leap over walls to tactically reposition themselves, automatically attack hostile creatures within range, and also deal damage to enemies by treading on them
    • Research electric grids to unlock building Sirens that will enrage and attract enemies, and can be used to lure flying animals
    • Research carbon fortifications to unlock building highly durable carbon fortifications and elevated carbon towers that survivors can use to shoot from
    • Research force field barriers to unlock building high tech barriers that use power to stop enemies, and remember when they are attacked more power is needed to keep them active
    • Research electric grids to unlock building tilted floodlights; a new type of floodlight that casts light at an angle
    • Research search lights to unlock building this high tech lamp that detects and lights up hostile animals, within its detecting range
    • Build signs to mark key locations, with custom text of your choice

Updates to all scenarios


  • The Happiness bonus for survivors who are interested in an activity has been increased
  • Addressed rare pathfinding issue causing multiple survivors to take station on the same fortification tower at once
  • Adjusted survivors' behavior when they try to reach a device being attacked by another survivor experiencing the “Berserk” meltdown
  • Umayr now has hair more closely matching his portrait
  • After selecting a survivor, and then selecting the restrictions tab, players can now allow/forbid survivors to eat on foot. This can be used to enable survivors to eat if making a long commute, or when they are working far away from the base
  • Survivors now queue the tasks for transporting resources from scavenging and butchering, e.g. they will return for the hides after delivering the meat
  • Survivors fullness now decreases by ~80% per day, instead of ~100%
  • The "Discover ancient civilization" pleasure is now permanent
  • The corpses of any survivors that might die during an expedition now decay over time, until their portrait disappears from the panel


  • Addressed an issue preventing the game from correctly detecting a research desk after it’s been destroyed and repaired
  • Fixed an issue with devices stopping production because of a production “limit reached” when mirroring another device, despite the stock being below the set limit
  • Hot air balloons and the trading pod no longer indicate they are invulnerable in their panel, reflecting that they are vulnerable to damage
  • Food in production or stored in the cooking stove is now destroyed in the event the stove is destroyed
  • Light emitted by hydroponic racks is now taken into account for survivors’ happiness
  • Safes can no longer be placed in front of production devices preventing them from being used by survivors
  • Meat lures that are supplied with meat now distract hostiles within their range, and are effective for twice as long
  • The soil quality and growth rate of all crops planted in hydroponic racks is increased from ~75% to ~100%


  • Construction progress bars no longer indicate progression beyond 100%
  • Copying an air conditioner unit also now copies its target temperature setting
  • Stone paving and ceramic tiles can now be placed on top of each other to replace the former like any other flooring material
  • Fortified towers can no longer be placed with the ladder facing a wall, which prevented survivors from climbing the ladder
  • The range of power poles/lines has been increased by 50%


  • The “Unarmed: Survivor” notification is now dismissed if the player chooses to refuse the applicable survivor from joining the group
  • Equipment items no longer disappear from storage UI when reserved by a survivor that cannot reach them
  • Checkmarks are now always displayed correctly in the restriction tab of storage units or survivors
  • When survivors are transporting Galacticoins, the correct amount they are carrying is now indicated, no longer taking into account money carried or stolen by the survivors
  • Resources with no shelf-life will now show a life bar indicating damage, if the storage they’re stored in gets damaged


  • Gujos no longer remain aggressive after being pacified
  • Improved consistency of size between adults and young tamed animals


  • Added a new game rule: 'Eternal Bliss' which gives a permanent 50% happiness boost to all survivors, replacing the initial happiness bonus they receive upon arrival
  • Buying undiscovered resources from a trader now unlocks their related recipes to use, and technologies to research
  • The crafting duration for smokeleaf pipes has been decreased from ~6h to ~1h
  • Added additional combat music
  • Minor adjustments to animation, lighting, VFX, audio, text and performance

Known issues

  • Sometimes, and depending on the surface, snow may settle inconsistently
  • Minor text formatting issues, which will be addressed in future minor updates