Update notes

  • 1.22.240321 (Apr/03/2024)
  • 1.21.231212 (Dec/14/2023)
  • 1.20.231026 (Nov/07/2023)
  • 1.10.230712 (Jul/25/2023)
  • 1.10.230627 (Jun/29/2023)
  • 1.00.230505 (May/19/2023)

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Patch v0.40.230302

Hello Survivors!

A new patch is now available for Stranded: Alien Dawn on Steam, adding new parameters for use within the mod tools.

Read on below for more details:

Mod Tools…

  • Added UI Sample Mod to: InsertYourPathHere\steam\steamapps\common\Stranded - Alien Dawn\ModTools\Samples\Mods\Sample UI
  • Added a new Mod Item named 'Constant' that is located within the Gameplay section of the Mod Editor
    • The 'Constant' Mod Item allows you to modify the global constants used by the game - please see the Mod Tools documentation for details
  • Added a confirmation for "Copy from" operations in the Mod Editor
  • Revised the Mod Tools Docs


  • Corrected typo on the word 'Reconstruct', as well as within some associated text overflows