Update notes

  • 1.22.240321 (Apr/03/2024)
  • 1.21.231212 (Dec/14/2023)
  • 1.20.231026 (Nov/07/2023)
  • 1.10.230712 (Jul/25/2023)
  • 1.10.230627 (Jun/29/2023)
  • 1.00.230505 (May/19/2023)

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Update v0.30.230120

Hello Survivors!

The Tame and Train Update is now available for Stranded: Alien Dawn, bringing with it new mechanics, content and various adjustments to the game. The update, which will be available to all players in Early Access, brings with it new animal taming mechanics, a brand new survivor, and more.

Thank you again for all feedback and suggestions that help us to improve the game, please continue to share your feedback in spaces such as the in-game reporter, the issue tracker and of course, the official discord server!

Please read below for the full patch notes.

Key new features/content

  • Tame Animals -Discover a whole new way to interact with many of the fauna on this alien world, through taming and training
  • Manage Tamed Animals - Care for newly tamed animals, give them names, play with them and even defend your base with their help! But make sure you look after their needs
  • Dogs - Survivors can now encounter three different breeds of dog, including the Great Dane, Boxer and Weimaraner
  • A New Survivor - Hugo Delano - A former zookeeper who is an adept animal handler
  • 5 New Steam Achievements - Unlock new challenges related to the new content

Due to many of the features in this update being interweaved through the rest of the systems in the game, we recommend starting a new game to fully experience everything this update has to offer!

Animal Taming and Training

  • The 'Manage' category now includes functionality for 'Tamed Animals' that helps to manage and locate tamed animals
  • Added 'Ranch' activity within the Manage category. This allows players to manage taming, leading and training activities done by their survivors
  • Added research for 'Pacifiers' that can be used to attempt to pacify some more aggressive species. In turn, survivors can attempt to tame them
  • Added gender and size for wild animals
  • Observing wild animals now provides information concerning taming and training
  • Added detailed information about animals wellbeing including;
    • Happiness levels
    • Pleasures and troubles
    • Health conditions
    • Fattening levels
    • Hunger levels
  • As newborn tamed animals get older they grow larger, as do tamed animals that become pregnant
  • Tamed animals have the potential to go berserk if left starving for too long
  • Tamed animals can be slaughtered for food by survivors
  • Tamed animals can become sick/injured, requiring healing to recover
  • Tamed animals can die of old age
  • Tamed animals are able to fight alongside survivors by being led to the location of a fight, where they will then behave autonomously as opposed to being drafted
  • Fertilization of crops using manure produced by animals is now available for farms
  • Statues of observed animals can be built, providing more decoration that survivors can take time out to appreciate, while also benefitting from a relaxation perk


  • Adjusted eating, drinking, smoking and reading to take 50% less time to complete
  • Doubled survivors' carrying capacity for Wood, Stone, Bricks, Concrete and Metal
  • Survivors can now navigate through gates, in the same way that they are able to navigate doors, so its no longer necessary to open/close the gate itself
  • A survivor experiencing a berserk meltdown will no longer target walls, fences and small/low/thin devices
  • Survivors that are berserking now deal more damage to the item they are venting upon
  • Added a new trouble that is applied if a survivor butchers another survivor
  • Added medicine to the allowed/restricted consumable list of the survivors info panel
  • Survivors will now conduct Field observation for a longer period, before looking for more important activities

Research & Resources

  • Available research is now categorised as Resources, Power, Defense, Other or Breakthroughs
  • Added a new 'Flare shielding' research option, that enables devices to consume 50% more power instead of being disabled during solar flares
  • The "Spaceship deconstruction" research option no longer requires a minimum skill level
  • The "Carbon rooms" research option now requires Construction 5
  • Added 'Slop', a new food resource intended primarily for animal consumption, that can be crafted on a workbench using any raw food
  • The barrel cactus now takes 16 days instead of 4 days to fully grow, which is more consistent with other plants in the region

Building/Construction & Devices

  • Increased the average power production of wind turbines
  • Stone furnaces now supply heat and light while working
  • The maximum length allowed when placing fences has been increased from 16 to 50 tiles
  • Pulse rifles no longer deal damage to structures and devices

Animal attacks

  • Refactored spawning of animal attacks so they now spawn in range of the most populated area of the map
  • Adjusted behaviour of notifications during animal attacks
  • Adjusted behaviour of Scissorhands when attacking survivors that are leveraging the advantage of Fortified towers


  • Adjusted locations of some devices within the menus in line with the addition of new categories such as Ranching and Leisure
  • A new game rule 'Big family' has been implemented that increases the likelihood of additional survivors being found
  • The progress of completed tutorials is now cloud saved
  • Where applicable, Hotkey shortcuts are now called out in tooltips more consistently
  • Fixed pre-game survivor selection when using Keyboard to navigate the GUI
  • Various stability and optimisation adjustments
  • Various graphic adjustments
  • Various adjustments to audio effects