Tame and Train Update Out NOW!

Tame and Train Update Out NOW!

Hello Survivors!

We're thrilled to announce our Tame and Train update is out now! Exciting new features await you in our 2nd major update to Stranded: Alien Dawn in Early Access. To get access to all the new content and quality of life additions, make sure your game is fully updated. Then you should be able to explore all this update has to offer!

The Tame and Train update will bring compelling new features to the game such as the ability to tame, train, and breed a vibrant array of alien wildlife. This update will also introduce three new dog breeds that can be tamed and trained to provide your survivors protection and companionship. With all these new ways to approach the game to consider, our new survivor may turn out to be your new favourite thanks to his expertise with animals!

We're looking forward to seeing how you will utilise these new features and how you adapt your playstyle with these additions. As always, thank you for sending us your suggestions and feedback as development on the game continues and we look toward more updates in Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Animal Taming will bring a whole new level of gameplay to Stranded: Alien Dawn. You will have to unlock the research option to tame animals, however different animals will require a certain level of skill, food and perseverance to successfully take them into your survivors' care.

Once an animal is tamed these helpful allies will be put under your care, where their happiness and survival needs will have to be managed. These efforts will in return be fruitful to your survivors as tamed wildlife can be played with by your survivors to increase their happiness, protect your survivor and their base, as well as yielding new resources and by-products that could prove very useful! There is even a chance for tamed animals to produce offspring to grow your animal farm to new heights.

We've also introduced a new animal to the mix: dogs! Three breeds of dogs, Great Dane, Boxer and Weimaraner will be available for your survivors to tame and build bonds with to increase their happiness. They can also be trained to fight alongside you when trouble calls and you can even pet them!

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Tame and Train

A new survivor has also been added to the roster, Hugo Delano. Hugo’s love for animals and his extensive background makes him a worthwhile and unique addition to the game. His distinct affinity to animals and adept farming skills are sure to prove useful for survival and produce bountiful resources. Hugo previously worked as a zookeeper at a big tourist destination, however due to an unexpected invasion he joined the resistance in order to protect the animals he loved. Never failing an attempt at taming and possessing the ability to occasionally improve the farming skill of others will allow Hugo to be a valuable asset to your band of survivors.

The Tame and Train Update also introduces additional resources, recipes, and constructions that you can build and discover to further enhance life on the alien planet. These new constructions will be beneficial for your newly tamed creatures, as you will be able to build dedicated animal sleeping spots, sheds and feeders for them! Tamed animal by-products such as manure and feathers will also be available for your survivors to utilise in their playthrough.

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Tame and Train

As always, we want to thank everyone in the Stranded: Alien Dawn community for all your support, feedback, suggestions, and bug reports. Don't forget to join the Stranded: Alien Dawn Discord and you'll never miss any news! You can also follow the game on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or join the discussions on Steam and the Frontier Forums.