Dunes and Moons Update Out Now

Dunes and Moons Update Out Now

We are incredibly excited to announce that the first major Early Access update for Stranded: Alien Dawn, Dunes and Moons, is out now!

The Dunes and Moons update adds the scorching hot Desertum region to the game, with new native wildlife, scarce plant life and resources. Desertum's rocky landscape requires a different strategic approach to ensure your group's survival – utilise your resources well in order to make it through the wet and dry seasons.

You will also get to meet a brand new survivor, the desert-born Sora Satoh. Her experience with living in a harsh desert environment makes her a perfect fit for Desertum's unique challenges, and her enhanced combat skills will be an asset to any defensive or offensive manoeuvre.

In addition, three new moons, Jason, Nyx, and Chaos, each bring with the presence an influence on gameplay events, while two new difficulty levels will provide a challenge for even the most experienced of players.

As development on the game continues, the Dunes and Moons update brings exciting new features to the game. We are continuing to take on board your feedback and suggestions, and there are more updates to come in the future. We are so excited about the rest of the Early Access period, and we are looking forward to reading all your feedback and comments as we add more to the game.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is required to experience the Dunes and Moons Update in early access. Play now on PC via Steam.