Update notes

  • 1.22.240321 (Apr/03/2024)
  • 1.21.231212 (Dec/14/2023)
  • 1.20.231026 (Nov/07/2023)
  • 1.10.230712 (Jul/25/2023)
  • 1.10.230627 (Jun/29/2023)
  • 1.00.230505 (May/19/2023)

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Patch v0.80.230331

Hello Survivors!

A new patch for Stranded: Alien Dawn has just landed on Steam. Thank you again for all your feedback.

Now onto the changelog itself:


  • Increased the cold tolerance of Energy Crystals, so they don't wither during the winter
  • Infections are now treated with antibiotics, instead of healing balm
  • Survivors suffering from a meltdown will now run away if they are attacked, unless they are suffering from Catatonia
  • The Draft button no longer appears on hostile Junos

Trading Outpost scenario

  • The 'Contact" button on the trading ship now allows the player to invite ships to trade with
  • The Trading pod now only stores 50 Fuel
  • The starting resources now includes some fuel
  • Added Metal alloys to the starting resources for Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties
  • Adjusted selling price and cost of resources:
    • Ships now have preferred resources they will buy for a higher price or sell at a lower cost
    • Raw resources are overall sold for a lower price - the more difficult the raw resource is to obtain, the higher its price
    • Manufactured goods are now overall sold for a higher price - the more advanced and difficult the resource is to craft, the higher the price
    • Traded goods can now only be crafted with Hay, Wood, Stone and Scrap metal, and their selling price has also been adjusted
  • The game will now continue to auto-save after the player selects "Continue playing" on the victory screen
  • Fixed workers with expired contracts trying to board the trading pod if it's been blocked or destroyed
  • Trade ships now wait an extra day if there is an ongoing trade as they are about to leave, providing more time for the trade ship to be loaded