Update notes

  • 1.22.240321 (Apr/03/2024)
  • 1.21.231212 (Dec/14/2023)
  • 1.20.231026 (Nov/07/2023)
  • 1.10.230712 (Jul/25/2023)
  • 1.10.230627 (Jun/29/2023)
  • 1.00.230505 (May/19/2023)

Stranded: Alien Dawn - Patch v0.40.230308

Hello Survivors!

A new patch for Stranded: Alien Dawn has just landed on Steam. Thank you again for all your feedback.

Now onto the changelog itself:

Mod Tools…

  • Creating a new plant from an existing entity and colorizing it will no longer override the default game entity
  • Copying Mod items such as Scenarios or Traits will now copy the code for any applicable function fields, so for example copying a Trait will include reactions
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when duplicating Traits by using the duplicate button
  • Implemented a new Mod Item to enable the creation of 'Build menu categories'. See Buildings > Build menu category


  • Fixed an issue that impacted some saved games created in version 0.20.221130, and caused the Spaceship deconstruction tech to fail to unlock when it should